• Bacon’s, my former employer, has been re-branded as Cision. (CT)
  • Both Armano and Pepper felt that April Fool’s Day was the perfect excuse to pull out the “I’m stopping blogging” joke I’m sure they’ve been sitting on for three months now. (CT)
  • It’s remarkably nice to see Chris Locke and Kathy Sierra have mended fences over the unfortunate goings-on of the last couple weeks. (CT)
  • I’m sure that Wal-Mart shutting down their PaidCritics site is in no way related to any article that might have appeared in, say, Vanity Fair or anything. (CT)
  • Now that it’s got its own “.com” address Topix is launching an initiative focused on hyper-local citizen journalism (CT)
  • Eric Kintz weighs in on how he just doesn’t see marketing in Second Life as a sustainable practice. (CT)

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