• Suzuki is working on a car whose roof flips up to turn into a 40-inch movie screen. The projection system can also be used to display the movie on a building wall or other flat surface. I’m betting the MPAA will have a collective stroke over this since it sounds too good from a consumer side.
  • Despite the fact that people have signaled their desire to experience smaller films that are more relevant to them, Hollywood continues to aim for a large audience.
  • Kirk Skodis is apparently completely rocking the Assassins game Universal setup in Second Life in connection with Smokin’ Aces.
  • Deborah Netburn tries to give equal voice to the comedy writers and others who like NBC’s “Studio 60” in an attempt to convince Aaron Sorkin to retract the contract he probably put out on her.
  • J.D. shows off the girl who makes him a lucky guy.
  • Patrick Goldstein once again tackles the subject of consumer control over the media industry and once again produces a must read whether this is old news or if you’re just getting used to this new world.
  • Warner Bros. is rereleasing The Departed now that it’s garnered a bunch of Oscar nods.
  • Speaking of Oscar, Craig has the full list of this morning’s nominees.
  • Special Ops Media, an agency I hear from often, has been named AOR for Tribeca Enterprises, the group that runs the Tribeca Film Festival.

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  1. She made me the luckiest guy ever. I’m unbelievably happy.

    Still around, though making less comments these days. Good to still be readin’ ya!

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