So I’m in a meeting today and we’re talking about different approaches for garnering mentions in trade versus consumer media. As I’m listening to the others having this discussion it occurs to me that such designations mean almost nothing to me. There are certain sites that certainly have a focus on one or the other but they’re open for everyone to read. There’s no barrier for consumers to read a B2B-oriented site just like there’s no barrier for B2B firms to read a consumer-focused site.

Many of the previous lines between such publications have been broken by the all-powerful link. It doesn’t matter what the source is – if it’s of interest to the blogger it gets linked. So I think in terms of how to get coverage that will get linked to by the influential bloggers in this space. Where it originates is immaterial to me. There are strategic decisions that impact who gets pitched and such, I know, but overall it’s just not something that I think about too much. I think about getting coverage – period.

What do you all think about this?