I linked before to Chris Anderson’s analysis of how the movie business fared in 2006 and I’m sure that you don’t need to hear me prattling on about how distribution problems and marketing cluelessness have contributed to those problems. So I’ll just let this batch of stories speak for themselves.

Pop Machine points out that known properties – sequels, adaptations or brand extensions – accounted for the vast majority of this past year’s major hits. That’s much same as 2005’s list and there’s obviously no change in how the studios are planning out 2007. Those numbers are contrasted by Anne Thompson’s belief that 2006 was a success because of how far out of the box studios went. And Kim Voynar reiterates that we can change what’s fed to us by the studios by making different choices with our ticket or rental dollars.

Again, this is ground I’ve covered before and I don’t quite have the strength today. So sort this out for yourselves.