LOTD: December 20th

Get a cup of coffee. I’m catching up from the last few days so there’s going to be quite of bit of news in here.

  • Blogjackings seems like a nice new term for a practice, hijacking the URL of a legitimate site for nefarious purposes, that’s been going on for a while.
  • The new version of Google’s Blogger is finally ready for prime-time.
  • Once again bloggers are referred to as dirty ******** hippies. That’s us. All unwashed, socially awkward weirdos who live with our moms and don’t know how to talk to girls.
  • Joe Jaffe spills the title of his upcoming book. An anxious audience drools.
  • CC Chapman has a very cool PDF on marketing in Second Life.
  • The Venice Project, the internet TV project from a couple of Skype founders, looks extremely interesting.
  • A bunch of new websites are putting a new twist on matching up singles. They arrange for meetups on planes and other things like that, pairing one single person with another for a trip. I may have now officially seen everything.
  • I hate to tell you, Facebook, but no matter how many times you say you’re not for sale some people are going to continue their speculation. Sorry.
  • Sex sells, even when you’re talking about mainstream media coverage of Second Life.
  • Finally, Phil Gomes finds some sharks with laser beams on their heads in Second Life.
  • Josh Hallett has some justified problems with how the Florida Tourism Department is dealing with a site they setup for state residents. The main problem is that they seem to have no policy in place regarding negative comments on the site. This is something that everyone – everyone – needs to have thought out when they launch something like this.
  • I’d be shocked by the news that the planned YouTube killer from a consortium of TV networks seems to be falling apart if it weren’t for the fact that I and everyone else saw this coming from the moment it was announced.