First off let me just say thank you to the many people who responded to me as I tried to sort out this whole blogging mess. Your input was greatly appreciated and did influence my thinking.So here’s what I’ve decided:

  • Movie Marketing Madness is staying where it is on Blogger. It’s fine and the functionality of that platform meets my basic needs for it.
  • Nothing Good Will Come of This will be put out of its misery. Chalk it up as an experiment that did yield results, just not those that were intended.
  • Public Relations Ramblings, though, has found a new home. You can now find it hosted on Robert French’s so update your bookmarks and RSS subscriptions because here’s the new URL: The PRBlogs domain gives me what I was looking for for PRR – a bit more features while not costing much (or anything for that matter). I’m not going to delete this Blogspot URL but will not be updating it further. It will remain – and be linked to off the new site eventually – as an archive.

Special shout-outs to Blake and Constantin for their leading me in that direction.