I’ve so far been very happy with Blogger’s functionality. Sure there’s some room for improvement but overall it’s worked rather well for me. The thing is I am, as I said to someone earlier, an organizational drifter. I always think there’s a better way to do stuff, a prettier way to present it.

Right now I have two primary blogs that I run myself, not counting the outside ones I write for. So I got it in my head to bring those two under one roof, preferrably one that has categories. As an experiment I’ve created a blog over at TypePad called Nothing Good Will Come of This. It’s purpose would be to see if it’s practical to combine my MMM content with that of Public Relations Ramblings along with whatever else I felt like writing.

If you’d like to surf on over there and let me know what you think it would be greatly appreciated. I’d be very interested in getting some feedback on this experiment since TypePad does cost some $$$ as opposed to Blogger’s free service.