This quirky comedy reunites director Don Roos with star Lisa Kudrow (previously together for Opposite of Sex) for another look at sex and love and everything inbetween. Keep in mind, though, that Roos was also the director behind Bounce. There are possiblities here but that last point should keep your expectations in check.

The Poster

What’s not to like? A female buttular area is draped with a towel, the cast list extending up her spine in a very Woody Allen-like manner. Immediately the sex theme is established, as well as this being an ensemble peice as opposed to a star-vehicle for an individual.

The Trailer

It’s almost impossible (for me at least) to keep the relationships straight in this trailer. Somebody’s sleeping with someone else when they actually love a third person. Mistaken sexual preferences lead to awkward situations. Kudrow looks funny and I didn’t want to punch Tom Arnold in the crotch, so I’d say as confusing as this fast-paced trailer is it works.

The Website

I like the layout for the information on this site, and not just because it continues to incorporate the butt-in-a-towel shot from the poster.

When you first get into the site you are greeted with six or so video snippets you can play that help clue you in on what the relationships are in the movie. That’s a nice touch and provide a bit more background than the trailer, which you can also play from the main page, does. The Cast and Crew bios are layed out kind of like cards in a tile format allowing you to see everyone and pick who you want to view. That tile concept will also be utilized throughout the site.

There’s a brief (about three-paragraph) Story synopsis. Downloads consists of two wallpapers, both the butt/towel and two buddy icons, again using the same image. There are 23 images in the Gallery. Nothing special there.


It’s a pretty good trailer that, if nothing else, invites repeat viewing in order to sort out. The poster rocks and the website is alright so I’m going to give this one mild approval. It’s hard to sell something that isn’t an action/comic-book/dumb comedy flick in the summer but this does as good a job as it can. I could see this getting a little stronger support if they had released it in the fall, but that’s not my call. One thing I don’t like is the “It all comes together in the end” tagline. Plastering that on the butt/towel poster seems a little crass for something that should be striving to break out from the pack.