untitledI loved Spirited Away but sadly it remains the only Miyazaki film I’ve seen to date. This will be remedied soon, I promise. Feels like I’m not even qualified to write about movies now. Oh well…

The Poster

It’s very cool. I love the three-stripe design and the way such simple images convey such majesty and beauty. Much better than anything Disney has cranked out for all their high-falutin’ CGI workhorses. The sorcerer at the top looks a little like something out of G-Force but that’s alright. It’s interesting that so little of the plot is conveyed in the poster. That’s not a problem since that is more than covered in…

The Trailer

This lays out the entire plot and looks good doing it. It definitely ties Miyazaki as being the director of Spirited Away which isn’t surprising considering what a huge success that was a few years ago. This just looks so damm beautiful I watched it again and again. It’s moving in it’s own right which is saying something for a trailer.

The Website

Considering how much Disney has to be hoping for another Miyazaki box-office hit there’s not much on the website. A trailer, some photos and a brief blurb abou the movie is about it. There’s also an extraordinarily brief bio of the director that fails to do him justice on so many levels it’s not even funny. Don’t bother if you actually want to find any information here.


I’m seeing this one by hook or by crook. Again, it just looks beautiful and moving in ways American animation hasn’t in, quite frankly, decades.