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Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 3/11/09

Social Media: Allison turns over the reigns of OTD to Auburn professor Robert French, one of the most inspirational and interesting voices in the social media world, for him to explain how his students are being shaped by the new media world he’s educating them about and within. Greg Verdino voices something I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 3/5/09

Social Networks: Oodle is powering the return of classified ads to Facebook. Right now there aren’t any fees to list items or do anything else on the service, but this could potentially be a powerful revenue stream for Facebook so I’d expect users to have to pony something up soon. If Twitter really does feel … Continue reading

Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 2/23/09

Media Relations: The Wall Street Journal’s piece on the secrets of achieving viral video success is worth reading but I don’t think it goes deep enough into the role that media relations has to play. Very few things, especially if you’re talking about corporately-produced videos, have been successful that didn’t have an outreach component of … Continue reading

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