Journalism as ad mechanism

Andrew Sullivan unloads on Time over its plan for further integrating native advertising into its mix. Now remember this is not some desperate trade magazine; this is Time Fucking Inc. Journalists at Time will report directly to those on the business side (or is that now an anachronism?) seeking advertizing revenues and sponsored content contracts. … Continue reading Journalism as ad mechanism

Reading it when I can, in the manner I prefer

In which I admit that yep, I'm part of the problem: It’s not dissimilar to what the advent of the DVR did for TV, and it also brings up similar problems when it comes to the advertising model that supports content creation. With DVRs, users can forward through commercials, but with read-it-later apps, ads are … Continue reading Reading it when I can, in the manner I prefer

Native ads, bigger than ever

To the surprise of, hopefully, no one: “Native advertising is going to fuel the growth of digital media, but we may never be able to bucket it out,” said Peter Minnium, head of brand initiatives at IAB, who said nailing down a precise dollar amount is difficult. Native social advertising is expected to grow from … Continue reading Native ads, bigger than ever