Site Blather

MMM notes

Just a few quick house-keeping notes.

First, I’m considering doing away with the “Quick Takes” posts and just pushing those items I don’t feel moved to write full posts on to my Shared Items link blog through Google Reader. I re-installed that widget over on the right. There are advantages to both and downsides to both. If Feedburner let me splice in that feed and dump items into a post like they do for the problems would be solved, but they don’t have that right now.

In case you haven’t noticed I’ve stopped putting huge poster images in posts. I think that keeping everything formatted to the right and letting you choose to expand the picture by clicking on it creates a better reading experience and makes the site look nicer. I don’t like making you click “More” or anything so this is the most elegant solution.

I’m opting to just continue using YouTube videos for trailers instead of uploading videos to the site and such. I like giving people the functionality they’re used to from elsewhere on the web and the flexibility to take those videos over to their own places on the interwebs so that, after some internal debate, is sticking around.

Finally, I’m going to be traveling the rest of the week to the east coast. That includes going to the I Am Legend premiere tomorrow night in New York. Then I’ve got a client event on Thursday in NYC and then traveling back to Chicago on Friday. So if posting seems light that’s why.