Offering Closure to Fans and Storytellers

The end of last week was a damn bloodbath in the TV industry. One after another, shows were axed by networks for one reason or another. Angry fans tweeted in disgust and disappointment at how shows like “Brooklyn Nine Nine” were canceled (though that was eventually revived by NBC, which produces the show to begin … Continue reading Offering Closure to Fans and Storytellers


Letterman is just great

Watch this interview of David Letterman on the Carson Tonight Show from 22 years ago and a few things pop out: Dave basically predicts the Leno/O'Brien fiasco when he says no, he's not mad, but he would be if NBC had given him The Tonight Show and then taken it away from him Letterman is … Continue reading Letterman is just great

The core problem with social TV

Wow do I wish I'd written this: Okay, video startups, it’s time to get real: That social TV thing you’ve been trying for the last couple years? It’s not working. The evidence is all around us: A few days ago, Yahoo announced that it was shutting down Intonow, the social TV service it had acquired … Continue reading The core problem with social TV

Hulu’s reach may get its hand cut off

I'm enormously skeptical of Hulu's aspirations to be bundled with pay TV services for a number of reasons: First, with channels like HBO, AMC and others making such strong inroads into original programming it's hard to imagine them not throwing a fit at Hulu getting in their soup when original content is emerging as core … Continue reading Hulu’s reach may get its hand cut off

Ryno on The Simpsons?

Steve Sax, who retired three years after "Homer at the Bat" and did time as a financial adviser before becoming a life coach and motivational speaker, acknowledges a sizable debt to the show. (The writing staff's early preference for second base was Chicago's Ryne Sandberg.) "Sometimes, fans would yell, 'Hey, how's Homer?'" Sax told me. … Continue reading Ryno on The Simpsons?

The Office UK

All 14 episodes of the original British "The Office" are now on Hulu. So yeah, productivity is going to take a dive.


Neville Hobson walks through just how the interactive ad for "Dollhouse" Season One DVDs and their integration of Twitter works. Pretty cool.

Hero up

As I've stated before, I'm kind of looking forward to the cartoon version of the Super Hero Squad toy line. Seems like it has the potential to be kind of fun and it has a nice cast list that's just been announced.


I forgot to include this in my TV-centric post below, but have to note it. In the latest episode of 3o Rock, "Kidney Now," Alan Alda is walking across the scene and sees Tracy Jordan's character in the midst of an emotional moment. Alda says: "A man crying about a chicken and a baby? I … Continue reading Wait…Really?


Dear Fox, If you cancel "Dollhouse" I will stop watching "American Idol." I won't encourage fans to send you boxes of dolls or letters with the Greek symbol for Alpha on them or anything like that. I'll just take it out on your other shows and really hit you where it hurts. Best, --Chris