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Pew: How People Use One or More Social Networks For News

Pew last week released the results of a new study on which social media sites Americans were getting their news from. Those numbers are not only insightful in and of themselves but also in regards to the ongoing conversation about what responsibility the companies operating those sites have to their role as news sources. Facebook […]

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Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 11/2/17

While the attention has been on Facebook, Twitter and Google for their politics-related fake news problem, Pinterest has its own issues with health- and food-related material shared there that’s of questionable value. The share of money earned by video creators on Periscope through “super hearts” is increasing as the company says it will take only […]

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Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 10/17/17

Snap and NBCUniversal have partnered to create more original programming for the messaging platform, with the prolific Duplass Brothers helping to do so. I hope I’m not the only one who had never heard of the mobile app tbh, which is focused around positivity, before, because it just got acquired by Facebook, which apparently is […]

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Quick Takes: Content Marketing News for 9/1/17

Facebook has confirmed it won’t take a cut of the subscriptions it’s going to help publishers sell, though I feel like “yet” needs to be added to each one of these promises. As my friend Jeremy Pepper pointed out, Snapchat’s sudden overtures to influencers seems driven by a tanking stock price and slowing user growth, […]

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WhatsApp Takes Totally Expected Next Step

To the surprise of hopefully no one, WhatsApp has announced it will begin both sharing data with corporate parent Facebook and offering official tools for businesses to have an official presence on the app. WhatsApp is famous for saying it would never have ads and it’s careful to say that’s not what’s happening here. Instead […]

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WhatsApp Goes Free and Opens Up

New from me on Voce Nation: There are a couple things that are notable in WhatsApp’s announcement it would dropping the $.99 annual subscription fee: First, that they saw just this small charge as an impediment to adoption not because it was outrageously high but because too many people lacked the infrastructure to make the […]

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Take a minute before jumping into WhatsApp

New from me on the PNConnect Blog is this piece about how brand publishers face some serious obstacles when it comes to getting involved in WhatsApp or other messaging tools. Those obstacles include scale, reach and some pretty core functionality issues. So the recommendation here is to sit tight since there’s likely more harm than […]