Is the record business changing?

Warner Music Group has announced they will begin experimenting with three-to-four song albums, abandoning the long-play record format altogether for the first time.  The goal is to stop the ever-growing (at least in the mind of record company executives) piracy of songs via services like Grogster and others.Unless Warners in particular and the industry in … Continue reading Is the record business changing?

Must Love Dogs – Marketing Recap

John Cusack needs to get out of whatever artistic funk he's been in since about High Fidelity. There was a brief moment of hope after I watched Max but other than that it's been a steady stream of studio flicks that have done nothing to stretch him creatively or live up to the promise of … Continue reading Must Love Dogs – Marketing Recap

Exorcist: The Beginning – Marketing Recap

(As I mentioned yesterday, I wrote a MMM column for Exorcist: The Beginning but for some reason never submitted it for publication. Here's the column in its entirety.) My, what wandering paths films sometimes take from the pitch (which for me will always be mentally visualized with Buck Henry pitching The Graduate: Part 2 to … Continue reading Exorcist: The Beginning – Marketing Recap

Warner Brothers Sponsors Podcaster

Warner Bros. - more accurately their Reprise Records subsidiary - are sponsoring a podcast dealing with music and entertainment. This story doesn't have to do with movies but the possibility of this practice moving into movie-related podcasts is of course right around the corner. Podcasting is an as-yet untapped market for both advertisers as well … Continue reading Warner Brothers Sponsors Podcaster