Quick Takes – Marketing and Media News for 2/13/18

I don’t have much to add to it but if you haven’t read this piece at Buzzfeed about the very real dangers we face from technology that allows reality to be manipulated in scary ways, you need to do so right damn now. Similarly, Wired has a report on the upheaval within Facebook in the… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 11/28/17

Meetup, the popular event-organizing service, is being acquired by coworking company WeWork, like part of the latter’s plans to basically own or manage any sort of space that any group of two or more could ever gather in. Facebook has clarified its advertising principles, making their efforts appear as innocuous and customizable by the user… Read More

Pew: How People Use One or More Social Networks For News

Pew last week released the results of a new study on which social media sites Americans were getting their news from. Those numbers are not only insightful in and of themselves but also in regards to the ongoing conversation about what responsibility the companies operating those sites have to their role as news sources. Facebook… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing News for 9/1/17

Facebook has confirmed it won’t take a cut of the subscriptions it’s going to help publishers sell, though I feel like “yet” needs to be added to each one of these promises. As my friend Jeremy Pepper pointed out, Snapchat’s sudden overtures to influencers seems driven by a tanking stock price and slowing user growth,… Read More

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Flipboard and Tumblr Make Big Updates

Everyone’s in the same race for the precious time that people spend on their smartphones, realizing that many of the apps and social networks are more or less mature in terms of growth and so have to compete on feature set. To that end, the last couple days have seen a flurry of activity from… Read More

Sponsored Content, Twitter’s Brand and More: Quick Takes for 7/27/16

How Sponsored Content Is Becoming King in a Facebook-Dominated World (New York Times, 7/24/16) I have no commentary here. It’s a must-read, partly because this reads like the last gasp of an industry about to willfully and with absolute intent put itself out of business. Everything here is disheartening. See What’s Happening (Twitter Blog, 7/25/16)… Read More

Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Tumblr Made Yesterday A Big Video Day

It’s hard to pick just one of the big pieces of news around social – particularly live – video that seems like the biggest change. First there was Twitter, which expanded the length of videos anyone can shoot and share to 140 (natch) seconds. That’s almost a 3x increase from the previous 30 seconds everyone… Read More

Tumblr bests

Mary Gaulke on the PNConnect team has a great post that looks at some great Tumblr blogs and how they serve the brands who publish them. The post comes from the PNConnect Trends Report, a monthly overview of what’s hot and interesting in the social publishing world. If you’re interested receiving that let me know.… Read More