Before The Show: The Big Short, 1/2/16

Unlike some other trips to the theater I can't say anyone trailer played better for the crowd than any other. There were certainly some laughs for Boss and Nice Guys (not so many for Zoolander 2, which may be disturbing) but that's about all I noticed. It seemed like an odd mix of trailers with … Continue reading Before The Show: The Big Short, 1/2/16

Before the Show: Creed 11/29/15

Secret Life of Pets Holiday Greeting (This actually played before the trailers started, but I'm counting it.) Chi-raq Race Ride Along 2 (Update: The one that played in the theater has finally been released online) Concussion The Revenant Central Intelligence Barbershop 3

Before The Show: The Martian 10/4/15

  Burnt The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Bridge Of Spies Crimson Peak Concussion Point Break The Revenant Joy