Picking Up the Spare: Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Martian

Star Wars: The Force Awakens IMAX has been offering a series of exclusive posters to people buying tickets for those screenings. The Martian The much-discussed “VR Experience” based on the movie, which puts the user in the place of stranded astronaut Mark Watney, debuted at CES.

Picking Up The Spare: Steve Jobs, The Peanuts Movie, The Martian, Spotlight

Spotlight: A new TV spot debuted exclusively on Newsweek just as the film was hitting limited release that plays up the praise the movie has been getting from critics. Steve Jobs: Director Danny Boyle has some thoughts on what contributed to the movie’s poor box office, including that it went wide sooner than it really … Continue reading Picking Up The Spare: Steve Jobs, The Peanuts Movie, The Martian, Spotlight

After the Campaign: The Martian

In my MMM column for The Martian I wrote the following: ...overall this is a strong campaign that lives and dies on the charm of the actors involved. Having seen the movie last night I can say that yeah, that’s pretty accurate. The film is light and breezy and very thin on character development but … Continue reading After the Campaign: The Martian

Movie Marketing Madness: The Martian

If I were to write some lengthy treatise about how Mars has long captured the imaginations of the people of Earth I’d hardly be the first person to do so. From ancient stories to popular entertainment, Mars has always been part of our mythology because, well, it’s so red and so right there when we … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Martian

Before The Show: Black Mass

Here are the trailers that played in front of the Saturday showing of Black Mass I went to: Secret In Their Eyes Bridge of Spies Legend The Martian The Walk Creed Our Brand Is Crisis