Picking Up the Spare: Don’t Think Twice, Hell or High Water

Don’t Think Twice The cast gathered round to create a “viral video” but the hilarity comes from how they don’t really seem to know what that means. Hell or High Water A new TV spot focuses on the incredibly positive reviews the movie has generated, pulling in quotes and raves from critics. The Hollars In…… Continue reading Picking Up the Spare: Don’t Think Twice, Hell or High Water

MMM Recap: 8/26/16 New Releases

The Hollars The biggest problems it has to overcome, it seems are 1) It’s very much a White Guys Problem movie, with an all-white cast complaining about things that only happen to middle-class, relatively comfortable Caucasians and 2) That it doesn’t seem to have much buzz coming into opening week. There’s no one talking about…… Continue reading MMM Recap: 8/26/16 New Releases

Movie Marketing Madness: The Hollars

Want to get Movie Marketing Madness via email? Sign up here. Then connect with MMM on Twitter and Facebook. The new movie The Hollars covers a familiar topic: That of the problems of dealing with family. In the movie John Krasinski (who also directed) plays John, the son of Don and Sally (Richard Jenkins and…… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Hollars