MMM Recap: 1/20/17 New Releases

The Founder The campaign is really built around Keaton, which isn’t surprising given his increased profile since Birdman, Spotlight and other returns to mainstream audience and critical awareness in recent years. It’s his performance that forms the foundation of the marketing, with his name and face all over the place as the trailers focus on … Continue reading MMM Recap: 1/20/17 New Releases

McDonald’s, Apple and Facebook Have Their Stories Told

My latest post at The Drum uses this week's release of The Founder to look at two other recent movies that have pulled back the curtain at the visionary (for good or ill) heads of Apple and Facebook. Drive along any interstate in this country and you’re likely to see multiple signs informing you of … Continue reading McDonald’s, Apple and Facebook Have Their Stories Told

Movie Marketing Madness: The Founder

After stories about how Apple was created, how Facebook got its start and more tales of bristly entrepreneurs, the new movie The Founder takes on the creation of another American institution: McDonald’s. Michael Keaton stars as Ray Kroc, the man who over the last several decades has been hailed as the visionary creator of the … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Founder