Movies on the Brain: The Day After Tomorrow

WATCHED: 10/19/2004 I had reviewed the campaign for this one in my Movie Marketing Madness column at FilmThreat and now get to trash the actual movie. Who says life doesn’t have it’s perks? 0:00 – There are certain studio logos that will always be associated with specific movies for me. The 20th Century Fox opening…… Continue reading Movies on the Brain: The Day After Tomorrow

Selling The Day After Tomorrow

It’s not so much that Emmerich, either with or without his sometimes partner Dean Devlin, makes bad movies, it’s just….yeah he makes bad movies. “Stargate” was passable if I had had enough to drink and was just making fun of Kurt Russell’s haircut, “ID4” was horrible and let’s not even discuss Godzilla. There’s no amount…… Continue reading Selling The Day After Tomorrow