Movie Marketing Madness: The BFG

Want to get Movie Marketing Madness via email? Sign up here. Then connect with MMM on Twitter and Facebook. If you were to pick out the definitive fiction version of where dreams come from, what would it be? The list would have to include Neil Gaiman’s landmark Sandman series, where the author takes us into…… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The BFG

Movie Marketing Madness – Bridge of Spies

I grew up in the later years of the Cold War. In the late 1970s and then into the 80s the kids I grew up with knew what the Cold War was and that it was still, for lack of a better term, being waged. But while it was still something we were living there…… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness – Bridge of Spies

MMM – The Terminal

You can read my full recap of the marketing for The Terminal at Film Threat. So there are three major selling points to this movie: Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The first two are just about money in the bank, despite Hanks’ latest being The Ladykillers, a movie that broke his string of unqualified…… Continue reading MMM – The Terminal