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Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 2/23/09

Media Relations: The Wall Street Journal’s piece on the secrets of achieving viral video success is worth reading but I don’t think it goes deep enough into the role that media relations has to play. Very few things, especially if you’re talking about corporately-produced videos, have been successful that didn’t have an outreach component of … Continue reading

Second Life spelled backwards is Efil Dnoces

Evian has entered Second Life, providing people with upgraded avatars via in-world vending machines. I don’t have data on this but it seems like there’s been a shift in corporate strategies toward products in Second Life. We’ve gone from “Let’s sell” to “Let’s give away.” Companies, I think, have decided it’s better to use their … Continue reading

Bringing the real to Second Life

Most of the time I’m in the same camp as Ian Schafer in just not quite “getting” Second Life. I think most of that comes not from my being slow or close minded. I just don’t think I’ve seen a compelling reason to be in Second Life, either as a person or as a brand. … Continue reading

The softer side of sharp, jagged computer designed buildings

Random thoughts, in roughly the right order, while wandering around Second Life on my way to the he newly opened Sears store. Where am I – Oh, that’s right, Crayon. Search for “sears” – wow, 2,400+ dwells so far Yikes, rough teleport. Need to catch my virtual breath. I’m not wearing a shirt. I’m still … Continue reading

Opening up the crayon box

Unfortunately, neither Tom or I were able to make it, due to prior commitments, to the Second Life launch of crayon, the new agency founded by Joe Jaffe, Shel Holtz, Neville Hobson and CC Chapman. But that doesn’t mean others weren’t there. From the reports that Neville and Joe have put up it was quite … Continue reading

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