Movie Marketing Madness: Our Brand Is Crisis

We’re hip deep in the Presidential race right now and there’s still over a year before the actual election. Which means that what’s going on right now isn’t so much “politics” as it is “political messaging.” We’re being spun, advertised to and so on. It’s a battle of sound bites and attacks, with little substantive … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Our Brand Is Crisis

Selling Miss Congeniality 2

You can read my full recap of the marketing campaign for Miss Congeniality 2 at FilmThreat. Sandra Bullock is done. Has been since about five minutes after "Speed 2" opened. Her career since then reminds me of that old Borscht-belt joke: This woman died six months ago, but no one has remembered to tell her. … Continue reading Selling Miss Congeniality 2