Selling Captain Marvel

My latest post at The Hollywood Reporter is a recap of the campaign for Captain Marvel. Before the future is written, though, Captain Marvel takes a trip to the past. The story is set in the mid-1990s, as Carol Danvers (Larson) returns to Earth after spending years in outer space becoming a warrior in the…… Continue reading Selling Captain Marvel

Selling Glass

You can read my full recap of the marketing campaign for Glass at The Hollywood Reporter. Based on the popularity of Split and the renewed buzz around Shyamalan the movie is tracking for an opening of about $60 million to $70 million, which would allow it to easily win the weekend and provide Universal with…… Continue reading Selling Glass

Movie Marketing Madness: The Hateful Eight

There are few directors working today who have worked in as many genres as Quentin Tarantino. He’s done straight-up crime films like Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown, homages to kung-fu movies like Kill Bill, late-night B-movies like Death Proof, war movies like Inglorious Basterds and westerns like Django Unchained. He’s never made any attempt to…… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Hateful Eight

Selling The Incredibles

You can read my full recap of the marketing for The Incredibles at Film Threat. Pixar, however, has stepped in to offer the proverbial cold (but not too cold) rich full lager to an audience that has had nothing but Meister Brau thrown at them since its last offering arrived in Finding Nemo. Having built a…… Continue reading Selling The Incredibles