Learning As a Vocation

Today I learned… Much of the period between July, 2016 and March, 2020 was a combination of thrilling, frustrating, exciting and nerve-wracking. After being let go from Voce Communications I embarked on the roller coaster life that is freelancing, eventually adding on my full-time position at Starbucks, meaning each week and month involved a fun…… Continue reading Learning As a Vocation

Marketing Is Partly Fixing Non-Existent Problems

One of the hallmarks of the first era of PR blogging was that everyone was a problem fixer. Any time a company made the slightest misstep and experienced any kind of blowback from its behavior there were a dozen experts right there to identify what went wrong and share their solutions to the reading public,…… Continue reading Marketing Is Partly Fixing Non-Existent Problems

“Hey, Saw You Wrote About…”

OK, so let’s talk about this Tweet. https://twitter.com/PatrickCoffee/status/1061610745241264129 I understand where the PR practitioners who are sending the emails described in that excerpt are coming from. They are doing what their clients or employers want them to do, which is be included in conversations. The stakes are even higher given many are playing the content…… Continue reading “Hey, Saw You Wrote About…”

Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 7/17/07

Advertising/Marketing People are voluntarily sharing more information than ever before even as they don’t want advertisers mining their online behavior for the purposes of serving up ads, despite research that shows ad relevance – and subsequently click rates – go up as a result. That’s an interesting paradox of the current age that’s free of…… Continue reading Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 7/17/07

Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 4/3/09

METRICS TiVo says it will accommodate advertisers looking for more of its data on who watched what sort of programming – including advertising – by doubling the amount of households whose set-top boxes are included in the sample audience. Selling ratings data is seen by TiVo as being a big source of additional revenue. PRNewswire…… Continue reading Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 4/3/09

Public relations supports advertising

Highly recommended if you’re into such things are both Richard Laermer’s post on confusing public relations and advertising and David Armano’s Paid Media Vs. Earned Media thinking. I’m not going to get into a debate about which is better, PR or advertising. They both serve their own purpose and, done well, can achieve the desired…… Continue reading Public relations supports advertising

Quick Takes: 9/9/05

I’m not surprised at all that most companies don’t have policies for employee blogging.  I think they not only need to develop some on blogs that touch on them or their policies but also other non-related blogs their employees are writing for.With the rise of RSS landing pages are going to become more and more…… Continue reading Quick Takes: 9/9/05

Quick Takes: 8/24/05

It’s vitally important that everyone realize that, no matter what Microsoft or Google might want to call it, that influencers use RSS. That’s why it’s so frustrating whenever I come across a website that doesn’t offer it – it’s like they’re willfully ignoring an important segment, which is not a great way to do business.…… Continue reading Quick Takes: 8/24/05

Blacklisting PR pros

There’s an ongoing meme about creating a blacklist of irresponsible PR folks, the gist of which is nicely summarized here by Shel Holtz. Basically some bloggers are beginning to complain that PR practitioners are sending out these horrendous blast emails that contain gushing prose, overembelashed copy and most importantly a lack of understanding as to…… Continue reading Blacklisting PR pros