Pew: How People Use One or More Social Networks For News

Pew last week released the results of a new study on which social media sites Americans were getting their news from. Those numbers are not only insightful in and of themselves but also in regards to the ongoing conversation about what responsibility the companies operating those sites have to their role as news sources. Facebook… Read More

Pew Shows Facebook Keeps Getting Bigger, Young Women Rule on Social

There’s a new Pew Internet study that covers just how much U.S. adults – specifically those who are regularly online – are using social networks. The research continues to reinforce some patterns with social media that have been pretty standard over the years. First, social media is primarily women. Of the five networks Pew tracked… Read More

Quick Takes 7/11/16: Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and More

I’m going to go back to doing a regular series here on recent social media, content marketing and other news that’s caught my eye. This first edition is a bit heavy because I started saving stories last week when I was focusing on other, non-blog stuff, and future posts won’t be quite this robust. Snapchat’s… Read More

Pew’s Study on Teens, Tech and Social Media: Five Things To Know

(Post originally published on the PNConnect Blog) Pew has released a massive new study examining the technology and social media habits of teens in the United States. As usual there’s a plethora of interesting data in the study but for companies looking to incorporate this information into their social media marketing plans here are the… Read More