Movie Marketing Madness: Cars 3

When we meet back up with Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) in Cars 3, he’s at a crossroads, so to speak, in his career as a racer. A new generation of cars has come up while he’s been on the circuit that is faster, sleeker and surer of their abilities. Just as he and…… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Cars 3

Movie Marketing Madness: Zoolander 2

Want to get Movie Marketing Madness via email? Sign up here. Then connect with MMM on Twitter and Facebook. If there’s anything I’m an expert on (outside of social media content marketing of course) it’s the struggle of being really, really good looking. It’s something that has impacted my life in many and various ways…… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Zoolander 2

Selling Wedding Crashers

I’ve written before in various places of my belief that the comedy clique the stars of this movie are part of may be unprecedented in movie history. Don’t get me wrong, no one’s ever going to replace the Ritz Brothers, Marx Brothers, Abbot & Costello, Arbuckle and Keaton, etc. I mean the overall quality and…… Continue reading Selling Wedding Crashers