We’re Only Immortal For a Limited Time

Neil Peart has passed. Many people have written about his incredible ability behind a drumset. Many have written about his lyrics that were both sci-fi tinged and undeniably personal and moving. I can’t add to that. So I will simply say the following: He made me feel being weird was acceptable. He made me feel … Continue reading We’re Only Immortal For a Limited Time

Music As Productivity Help or Hinderance

Walk through an office and you might see some people sitting at the desks working while they have headphones of some kind in or on their ears. Some companies don’t allow this kind of activity, restricting employees from listening to music or anything else, or they might have something playing over speakers in the office … Continue reading Music As Productivity Help or Hinderance

Consolidation in the record industry

Two quotes I want to pull out from this story: All music companies -- large and small -- are wrestling with an industry-wide depression. Music (principally CD) sales have dropped more than 30 percent over the past three years. The industry blames the falloff on illegal Internet file-sharing and bootlegged CDs, though others outside the … Continue reading Consolidation in the record industry