Movies on the Brain: The Day After Tomorrow

WATCHED: 10/19/2004 I had reviewed the campaign for this one in my Movie Marketing Madness column at FilmThreat and now get to trash the actual movie. Who says life doesn't have it's perks? 0:00 - There are certain studio logos that will always be associated with specific movies for me. The 20th Century Fox opening … Continue reading Movies on the Brain: The Day After Tomorrow

Movies on the Brain: Hidalgo

WATCHED: 8/5/2004 00:00 - Nice forest. I think I see Richard Dreyfuss and Audrey Hepburn discussing how to get rid of Brad Johnson in the background. 00:01 - C. Thomas Howell! His career really did peak at Soul Man, didn't it. "Mom! Dad! There's something I have to tell you... I'm black. " 00:04 - … Continue reading Movies on the Brain: Hidalgo

MOTB – Master and Commander

Pretty good movie. Interestingly, the most epic-feeling portions of it occurred in the smaller, more character driven moments. Crowe had a few scenes that actually had him acting, which is a plus. I also liked the fact that until the French ship was boarded, we never saw their faces. Nice touch that added to the … Continue reading MOTB – Master and Commander

MOTB – Timeline

I read the Michael Crichton book this is based on a few years ago and was pretty intrigued when I heard it was being made into a movie. That anticipation was built up when I heard Richard Donner was directing. That anticipation was then smashed unrelentingly like waves against rocks when I heard Paul Walker … Continue reading MOTB – Timeline

MOTB – Mona Lisa Smile

There’s no way I wanted to see this. My wife said it was really good, and it does have Kirsten Dunst and Julia Stiles going for it, but all in all I was just not looking forward to it. via MOVIES ON THE BRAIN: “MONA LISA SMILE” – Film Threat

MOTB – Matchstick Men

I have to admit to liking Nicolas Cage as an actor. It may be un-cool now, but he still interests me. Plus when a director known for epics like Ridley Scott takes on a small, character driven piece, it turns out to be much better than it had any right to be nine out of … Continue reading MOTB – Matchstick Men

MOTB – In The Cut

This is one of those movies I wasn’t sure I wanted to see. It looked interesting enough, but there was never a full commitment to it in my mind. The ultimate deciding factors were my enjoyment of Mark Ruffalo’s performance in XX/XY and the opportunity to see just oodles of Meg Ryan’s body. via MOVIES … Continue reading MOTB – In The Cut

Movies on the Brain: Runaway Jury

John Cusack is one of my favorite actors and he’s a big reason why I wanted to see this one. I’ve never seen a performance by him that I didn’t enjoy, even in America’s Sweethearts. I read the book a number of years ago and know the plot has been changed to be a jury … Continue reading Movies on the Brain: Runaway Jury

Movies on the Brain: Once Upon A Time In Mexico

(Originally published on I’ve really been looking forward to this one. I saw Desperado when it came out and thought it was just a hilarious action movie. It had a much better plot and sense of humor about its own ridiculousness than most of the other “action-comedy” movies out there. Steve Buscemi should have … Continue reading Movies on the Brain: Once Upon A Time In Mexico


How do I feel about Colin Farrell? That depends on what day it is. On some days I think he’s a hack pretty-boy who deserves every venereal disease he gets from Tara Reid. On others I think he’s a pretty good actor who, if nothing else, has made some interesting choices in the roles that … Continue reading MOTB – SWAT