“Hey, Saw You Wrote About…”

OK, so let’s talk about this Tweet. https://twitter.com/PatrickCoffee/status/1061610745241264129 I understand where the PR practitioners who are sending the emails described in that excerpt are coming from. They are doing what their clients or employers want them to do, which is be included in conversations. The stakes are even higher given many are playing the content … Continue reading “Hey, Saw You Wrote About…”

Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 3/16/09

B2B: Clay Parker Jones has a great post up that he says is a draft of something he's writing for work about how to leverage and utilize social media in the business-to-business world. The thing to remember is that these points are applicable to just about any industry. Just swap out the occasional word and … Continue reading Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 3/16/09