Flashback MMM – Mallrats

“So what’s he going to do next,” we were all asking about Kevin Smith following his debut hit Clerks. It was easy to see him going back to the well and making something stylistically similar, a low-concept dialogue-driven story of the wacky characters inhabiting some other service industry or area of everyday, non-extraordinary life. I…… Continue reading Flashback MMM – Mallrats

Movie Marketing Madness: Yoga Hosers

Want to get Movie Marketing Madness via email? Sign up here. Then connect with MMM on Twitter and Facebook. It’s hard to figure out how to describe the story of Yoga Hosers, the new movie from writer/director Kevin Smith. The movie is another in Smith’s recent “Canadian” series of movies that includes Tusk and the…… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Yoga Hosers

MMM Flashback Friday: Clerks

When it came time for the official marketing campaign for Clerks to begin the movie already had a head of steam in terms of press and publicity. Kevin Smith’s debut film – famously shot for less than $28,000, black-and-white and starring friends and friends of friends – had made a name for itself with exciting…… Continue reading MMM Flashback Friday: Clerks

Movie Journal: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Even more of a toss-off than Mallrats, JSBSB is just Smith and friends having fun. If you go into it expecting nothing more and nothing less you’ll enjoy yourself. Imagine you had the money and say-so Smith had by the time this was being made and it’s not hard to believe he just wanted to…… Continue reading Movie Journal: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back