Movie Marketing Madness: Why Him

It’s time to meet the boyfriend in the new comedy Why Him?. Bryan Cranston and Megan Mullally play Ned and Barb Fleming, a married couple who have been invited by their daughter Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) to meet her boyfriend Laird (James Franco), some kind of internet billionaire who’s just as eccentric as Hollywood thinks such … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Why Him

After the Campaign: Yosemite

In my campaign review of Yosemite I wrote: The movie itself comes across as more of a tone poem than anything else. It looks like the kind of movie with minimal dialogue, most of which is direct and uncompromising from characters, including the kids, that’s preternaturally self-aware. The campaign doesn’t play up the triptych nature … Continue reading After the Campaign: Yosemite