Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 1/16/18

Media Crackle will rebrand itself as “Sony Crackle” because, according to the story, the company wants to leverage the power of the Sony name. That’s code for “the person who kept insisting it didn’t need to be corporately branded is no longer with the company and so someone finally got their way.” CBS and Viacom… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 1/6/18

The Big Story The death of brick-and-mortar retail is coming about because fashion and culture are curated and discoverable on social media now, not exclusively by hitting the mall. And while the retail industry may be fine as a whole, stories are closing twice as fast as they open. That’s going to hit people who… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 11/22/17

This is a fantastic overview of what happened to the DNAinfo and Ist site as they faced down the last days before being shut down by billionaire owner Joe Ricketts and just what the communities they operated in have lost in terms of watchdogs and local voices. That may seem worrisome when you ponder the… Read More

Marketing Always Follows Consumer Trends

I was intrigued by the headline to this piece on Vice the other day that examined a few examples where music videos from popular artists seemed to closely resemble the kinds of photos posted by popular Instagram travel influencers. Not that those people are being copied overtly, but there are similarities in the approaches and… Read More

How Social Networks Cater to Influencers and Creators

When Vine was shuttered last year, a large portion of the blame was assigned to the company’s inability or unwillingness to listen to the community of creators and foster their loyalty. Stories surfaced soon after it was shut down that a number of the top creators on the app reached out to Twitter to talk… Read More

What Is User-Inspired Content?

Brands helping tell people’s story for them A couple weeks ago I came across a phrase I’d previously been unfamiliar with: User-inspired content. I was kind of shocked at the phrase. “User-generated content” has been in usage for over a decade in the online marketing world to describe the material that’s produced by everyday people… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 10/12/17

Not surprising that activewear and beauty brands are those most likely to engage in influencer marketing, but it is a bit shocking that 70% of brands across industries have done so. Time spent in mobile shopping apps is growing, with the biggest players like Amazon and Target seeing the most benefit from that trend. If… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 10/3/17

comScore is the latest company seeking to help advertisers determine how well their ads, in this caseTV and digital, are driving physical store sales. More shade being thrown on the cost-effectiveness of what are now called “macro-influencers,” those with huge audiences. More ways for retailers to use Instagram’s shoppable posts are now available. You can… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 9/29/17

YouTube’s Studio app now lets creators schedule videos for publication right from within the mobile app. The FTC has stated the in-app features for influencers to disclose paid relationships aren’t sufficient, making it clear once more that brands are responsible for ensuring adherence to guidelines. New tools from YouTube will allow for automated remixing of… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 9/22/17

Hulu is committing $2.5 billion to the arms race it’s engaged in with other streaming companies who see original content as the key to success. An analysis by Parse.ly shows Flipboard is second-only to Twitter in terms of sending referral traffic to publishers on mobile devices. The pilot of the new supernatural comedy “Ghosted” will… Read More