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Movie Marketing Madness: Wakefield

Howard Wakefield (Bryan Cranston) has a nice life as we meet him in the new movie Wakefield. He’s married to a lovely woman Diana (Jennifer Garner) and has two wonderful daughters. He commutes from the suburbs into the city to a job he’s successful at. One day he snaps, though, and has had it with… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Wakefield

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Movie Marketing Madness: Personal Shopper

Kristen Stewart reteams with her Clouds of Sils Maria director Olivier Assayas on the new film Personal Shopper. In it she plays Maureen Cartwright, a woman who makes a living as a personal shopper (natch) to the rich and famous celebrities who aren’t able to go out and do it for themselves. It’s not much… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Personal Shopper

Flashback Friday

Flashback MMM: Medicine for Melancholy

I honestly couldn't tell you why I didn't cover Barry Jenkins' first movie as writer and director, Medicine for Melancholy, when it came out back in 2009. Perhaps it was a busy week, perhaps I couldn't find a good version of the trailer. Whatever the reason, as I was prepping my review of the campaign… Continue reading Flashback MMM: Medicine for Melancholy