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The Marketing Campaigns for 2017’s Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees

The nominees for this year's Academy Awards were announced yesterday. While Deadpool didn't get the nomination the filmmakers and many in the press had been hoping it would there were still a few surprises, including that the acting categories actually featured people of color after years of #OscarsSoWhite being the dominant theme of the reactionary [...]

Picking up the Spare

Picking Up the Spare: Rogue One, Hidden Fences, Loving, Deadpool

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Germain Lussier at io9 shares comments from director Gareth Edwards about the unexpected process and set of circumstances that lead to at least some of those shots from the Rogue One trailers that didn't wind up appearing in the finished movie. The team at SocialBakers looks at the volume [...]

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MMM Recap: Week of 12/30 New Releases

Live By Night The campaign really works hard to create that sense of this being an old-school movie, the kind “they don’t make anymore.” Affleck is certainly no Bogart, but the movie is being positioned as the kind of hard-nosed gangster flick that he or Jimmy Cagney used to make, not the more modern Goodfelles-esque [...]

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Movie Marketing Madness: Hidden Figures

It’s funny how in 13 episodes of “From the Earth to the Moon,” the HBO mini-series that chronicled the NASA program that built a space program from nothing to landing men repeatedly on the moon (and more) I don’t remember hearing or seeing anything about the groundbreaking role played by a group of black women [...]