Movie Marketing Madness Recap: 4/8/16 New Releases

Hardcore Henry The campaign certainly knows what it’s selling and keeps hitting the same beats consistently. Everything focuses on the wild and crazy nature of the movie and how endlessly kinetic it is as Henry jumps out of helicopters, runs on the roofs of moving trucks and more. As mentioned above, it’s constantly being sold … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness Recap: 4/8/16 New Releases

Movie Marketing Madness: Hardcore Henry

Want to get Movie Marketing Madness via email? Sign up here. Then connect with MMM on Twitter and Facebook. Movies - in fact all stories - have to take place from some perspective. That can be first-person, third-person omniscient or a variety of others. It’s how we experience the events unfolding in the story and … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Hardcore Henry