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The Marketing Campaigns for 2017’s Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees

The nominees for this year's Academy Awards were announced yesterday. While Deadpool didn't get the nomination the filmmakers and many in the press had been hoping it would there were still a few surprises, including that the acting categories actually featured people of color after years of #OscarsSoWhite being the dominant theme of the reactionary [...]

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Golden Globes Best Picture Nominee Marketing Campaigns

The Golden Globe nominees were announced yesterday, bringing with it the predictable annual mix of responses that range from outrage over who was perceived as being snubbed, complaints about those nominated seemingly only because the HFPA wants to party with them and more. Whatever the case, below is a list of the movies nominated for [...]

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MMM Recap: Week of 11/4 New Releases

Trolls The campaign is consistent from one element to the next, that’s for sure. Everything is presented in the brightest possible colors and with the peppiest possible music, with very few deviations from that approach. The two stars, Kendrick and Timberlake, have been front and center throughout, either in the press or introducing trailers, which [...]

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Movie Marketing Madness: Hacksaw Ridge

Army Medic Desmond T. Doss refused to pick up a weapon during World War II, citing his religious beliefs as his reason to become a conscientious objector, someone who will not actually take up arms because of some deeply-held moral or ethical belief. Now his story is being told in the new movie Hacksaw Ridge. [...]