Google+’s Fate Shows Consequences Only Happen When You’re Not Successful

This past weekend Google revealed 1) That a massive data breach had occurred on Google+, the social networking site it’s managed for several years, and 2) that as a result of that breach it would, over the next 10 months or so, phase Google+ out of existence. The news resulted in a lot of “I … Continue reading Google+’s Fate Shows Consequences Only Happen When You’re Not Successful

Let’s not write Google+’s obit just yet

The social media world has been positively giddy with anticipation, speculation and conjecture over this story, which purports that Google is looking to abandon Google+, at least as it exists today. Much of this is coming from the collision of two groups: First, writers who found a bone to chew on on an otherwise apparently … Continue reading Let’s not write Google+’s obit just yet

Google+ is Google’s razor’s edge to more data

Google has essentially come out and admitted that, no, they don't really care if people use Google+ as a social network in and of itself. Instead it's more about gathering data to use in better targeting behavior-based advertising, something that's increasingly important as search-based ads level out for the company or in some cases even … Continue reading Google+ is Google’s razor’s edge to more data

Google+ embraces the embedding option

In the wake of Google's announcement that Google+ posts would now be embeddable elsewhere on the web I published this, my first piece on Medium, about how an embeddable web may not be as great as one built on open links but it's not a bad second option. Along with the embeddable option, Google+ can … Continue reading Google+ embraces the embedding option

The hashtag has evolved beyond Twitter

At a recent event a Twitter VP made the case for that platform still being the primary home of the hashtag, despite the fact that it's also in use on other networks like Instagram and Google+. And Facebook just non-announced it is looking to bring hashtags to that platform in an effort to bring some immediacy … Continue reading The hashtag has evolved beyond Twitter

Google cleans up Google+ profiles

Google has rolled out a number of small updates to Google+ that, in aggregate, add up to some nice features. Included in the updates are better profile management in the form of more clearly labeled boxes for personal information that you may or may not want to be public and a much larger - about … Continue reading Google cleans up Google+ profiles

Google+ growing quickly

In case you missed the headlines, Google+ is now the second biggest social network according to a recent study by GlobalWebIndex. As the story says, the network's growth appears to be at the expense not of Facebook or other established players but instead comes from smaller, niche or even regional networks. As usual social network is a … Continue reading Google+ growing quickly