celebrating two years @ gonoodle

It’s been Champ-tastic Last week marked my two-year anniversary as Director, Content Programming at GoNoodle. For those unfamiliar with GoNoodle, we offer hundreds of videos designed for kids – especially younger kids – to help them get active, learn to manage their emotions, explore creativity and more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN0LWf-C_dM In those two years there have been … Continue reading celebrating two years @ gonoodle

Well, That Was 45

It was, as they say, a year. I’ve likely said something like this before, but for someone like myself who likes clean starts, having a birthday that comes within days of the turn of the new year is somewhat calming. The coincidental proximity of those events means I get to look back at the life … Continue reading Well, That Was 45

A Noodle-Centric Next Chapter

Some personal news. Throughout the last nearly four years, my job situation has been..fluid. There’s been freelance work, contract work, retail work and just about everything else you can imagine. I’ve managed social media programs, written white papers, edited email newsletters and slung more than a few lattes over that time. Now it’s time for … Continue reading A Noodle-Centric Next Chapter