Eric Clapton – Motherless Child Live

This video of Eric Clapton playing "Motherless Child" live in 2007, part of an upcoming DVD and album, sent me down a rabbit hole of live Clapton videos that was, quite frankly, awesome.

Listening To: Eric Clapton – Old Sock

Nothing revelatory here. Just Clapton being Clapton on a series of songs that either are or immediately sound familiar. That's good - that Clapton is enjoying the fact that he no longer has much to prove and just wants to make the music that sounds good to him - and bad - that he isn't … Continue reading Listening To: Eric Clapton – Old Sock

New Clapton is good Clapton

Eric Clapton has a new record coming out: Due on his own Bushbranch label, Old Sock will include two new originals – "Every Little" and "Gotta Get Over" – and versions of 10 of the guitarist's favorite songs from throughout his life. The LP also includes several guests: blues legend JJ Cale lends backing vocals and guitar on "Angel," … Continue reading New Clapton is good Clapton