How and When Your Content Marketing Is Delivered Impacts How It’s Receieved

How content marketing is received depends greatly on factors outside of the control of the marketers.

I Already Signed Up…

If your online reading habits are anything like mine, you’ve likely seen some variation on the below prompt at least a dozen times a day every day in the last two years. The email newsletter “sign up” prompt is the new site interstitial. In fact about half the time it comes either before or after … Continue reading I Already Signed Up…

Content Marketing Updates for 8/25/17

A roundup of all the news you need to know about Snapchat, Anchor, Facebook and lots more.

Email Is What Millennials Want

Brightwave's newly released research says that Millennials want to hear from you via email. But don't take that as an open invitation to go crazy since their desires are very much in line with studies covering what people want from brands on social networks, namely information on money-saving or limited-time deals and other time-sensitive information. … Continue reading Email Is What Millennials Want

Twitter Live Sports, Pandora Podcasts and More: Quick Takes 7/25/16

Study: More people access news via web browsers, but native-app users spend much more time reading (Nieman Lab, 7/20/16) The story here comes to exactly the right conclusion, which is that app readers are your most brand-loyal readers, the ones who have decided a specific outlet's content has value, so they spend more time with … Continue reading Twitter Live Sports, Pandora Podcasts and More: Quick Takes 7/25/16