Selling Charlie’s Angels

My latest post for The Hollywood Reporter is a recap of the marketing campaign for Charlie’s Angels. Sony’s second attempt at a big-screen Angels franchise (which is sitting at 59 percent on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes) is hoping to entice audiences with a campaign that’s heavy on exotic locations, incredible dresses and a strong message…… Continue reading Selling Charlie’s Angels

Movie Marketing Madness: Power Rangers

Because everything old needs to be new again, this week sees the big-screen return of Power Rangers. Based on the “classic” Japanese import TV show “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” the movie acts as an origin story for the team, following a group of misfit teenagers who stumble upon a mysterious ship and unlocking amazing powers…… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Power Rangers

The Baxter – Marketing Recap

The story of what happens to the nice guy who never gets the girl, The Baxter is an unconventional romantic comedy. Perenially unlucky in love, accountant Elliot Sherman (Michael Showalter) meets his dream girl (Elizabeth Banks) only to find out she’s settling for him because she doesn’t think she can be with the love of…… Continue reading The Baxter – Marketing Recap

The 40-Year Old Virgin – Marketing Recap

Steve Carell has emerged as one of the funniest deadpan comedians currently working. He never seems to show emotion, whether it’s as Brick Tamland in Anchorman or as Michael Scott in the U.S. version of “The Office”. But while he’s been very funny in supporting roles and on TV it remains to be seen whether…… Continue reading The 40-Year Old Virgin – Marketing Recap