How Prepared Are Marketers for Deepfakes?

You can’t blame Scarlett Johansson for feeling the fight against deepfake porn featuring her face isn’t worth the effort. She has faith most people know it isn’t actually her in those videos and knows that attempts at legal action would likely be as effective as shooting arrows at a cloud. If you’re not familiar with … Continue reading How Prepared Are Marketers for Deepfakes?

Opinions Have Consequences

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter has stepped in it, opening him and his company up to a barrage of criticism for something more than what it claims to be pizza. Schnatter has claimed that sales at his stores have been hurt by the ongoing issues with the NFL around players kneeling during the National Anthem, … Continue reading Opinions Have Consequences

When a crisis only exists in the eyes of the critics

I've been avoiding any commentary on the Chick-Fil-A situation for a number of reasons. But I've been wondering for the last couple days whether or not the company is actually in a "crisis." Here's where my head's at: All the communications professionals who seem to believe that anytime there's any sort of negative consumer reaction … Continue reading When a crisis only exists in the eyes of the critics

Online monitoring as customer service

New research from Nuance Care Solutions brings to light a number of interesting statistics on how social media is playing into consumer attitudes: 72 percent say they research a company's customer service reputation online prior to making a purchase. 74 percent are actually basing their decisions on who to do business with based on what … Continue reading Online monitoring as customer service

Apple knows cRisis managment

After hearing reports and rumors that an iPod Factory in China might be violating child labor and other laws, Apple had one of two options: 1) Deny the reports outright and question the character of anyone making such claims 2) Be open and honest about the issue, launch an investigation and make the results public … Continue reading Apple knows cRisis managment