Remember To Focus on Function, Not Form With Branded Content

As has often been the case on a number of different topics, I can’t help but read this story about how branded podcasts have taken off and really resonated with listeners and not think that the content industry continues to suffer from a terminal case of platform myopia. Branded podcasts, it seems, are the new… Read More

Branded Content Isn’t New. Who’s Producing It Is.

Reading this piece about what it’s like to work in one of the many branded content studios that now operate within and alongside the editorial teams at various publishers and media companies, I spent a lot of time scratching my head. What’s described in that “day in the life” profile sounds a lot – a… Read More

My History of Live Event Blogging and Social Media Coverage

The other day I had a conversation with someone who was interested in hiring me for a freelance gig. He’d reached out and we’d traded a few messages when he asked something along the lines of the following: So, do you have any experience with live-blogging? Yeah…you could say that. “Live-blogging,” for those of you… Read More

Creating a Content Program’s Audience Matrix

A couple weeks ago I shared the template for an editorial calendar that’s served me well, in various incarnations, over the last seven or eight years of content program management. It’s a flexible format that can be adjusted to meet a program’s specific needs and I like it more than anything else I’ve found, so… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 12/19/17

Today’s Must Read This is a great piece on the “other” tech bubble, the one that’s building up inside a Silicon Valley ecosystem that’s still playing as fast and loose as it did in the late 90s, regardless of the changing social scene in the rest of the world. That kind of mindset, where tech… Read More

More on the Paid Promotion of Earned Media

In my latest Adweek column I offered a few reasons why I felt there were ethical lines being crossed when companies choose to use earned media stories in paid media ads. Over the course of a couple conversations it’s become clear I’ve touched a nerve and so I wanted to offer some expanded thoughts on… Read More

“Someone Else Wrote My Tweets”

That’s more or less the logic and argument being put forth by the president over the last few days in response to one update that seemed to acknowledge he intentionally engaged in obstruction of justice. It’s a common excuse, one that’s given by any company or brand when a Twitter or Facebook or Instagram post… Read More

Study: Social Media and Life Milestones

A new report from Sprout Social provides an interesting insight for brand social media managers: Pay attention to the milestones and other life moments people are posting about on social networks. The gist of the report is that people are not only sharing those moments on social media but that they’re using social to research… Read More

How Social Networks Cater to Influencers and Creators

When Vine was shuttered last year, a large portion of the blame was assigned to the company’s inability or unwillingness to listen to the community of creators and foster their loyalty. Stories surfaced soon after it was shut down that a number of the top creators on the app reached out to Twitter to talk… Read More

Demand For Longer Content Should Fuel On-Domain Publishing

Nieman Lab summarizes two different studies that come to roughly the same conclusion: People want longer, weightier content. In particular, a study from has found roughly half of website visitors stick around for between one and five minutes. Though much of the rest of the traffic lasts less than a minute, it excludes the… Read More