“Someone Else Wrote My Tweets”

That’s more or less the logic and argument being put forth by the president over the last few days in response to one update that seemed to acknowledge he intentionally engaged in obstruction of justice. It’s a common excuse, one that’s given by any company or brand when a Twitter or Facebook or Instagram post…… Continue reading “Someone Else Wrote My Tweets”

Owning Your Social Media Missteps

There’s a scene from the 1994 Tom Clancy novel adaptation Clear and Present Danger I think about a lot. The president has just learned a longtime friend of his was just killed by members of a drug cartel he appears to have been involved with and is receiving advice from staff on how to handle…… Continue reading Owning Your Social Media Missteps

Quick Takes: 5/20/13

Brian Steinberg hits a home run in his first column for Variety (which desperately needs to fix its RSS feed) as he talks about how the media, whose business models depend on viewers’ full attention, have been simultaneously making it clear that the viewers’ full attention is not necessarily. They’ve been doing this by including…… Continue reading Quick Takes: 5/20/13