More Education on Constantine

Movie Poop Shoot - From Print to Screen Matt Savelloni at MoviePoopShoot also gives a pretty good recap of the John Constantine character and some of the potential pitfalls of the movie version. Reader Royal Burnell also pointed me to a website with some good material. --Chris

Getting Schooled on Constantine

I got this comment which provides a quick primer on the John Constantine character as he appears in the actual Hellblazer graphic novel/comic. Since I am a complete ludite on the subject I thought I would repost it for everyone to see. --Chris John Constantine in the comics is a British con man who knows … Continue reading Getting Schooled on Constantine

Constantine – Marketing Recap

You can read my full recap of the marketing campaign for Constantine at Film Threat. His latest movie finds Reeves playing some sort of spiritual being caught up in the eternal struggle between Heaven and Hell. It’s an adaptation of the successful Alan Moore graphic novel Hellblazer. The word adaptation should be used loosely since in … Continue reading Constantine – Marketing Recap

Weekly Wrap-up 2/11/05

The Interpreter A new poster is online for this Nicole Kidman/Sean Penn thriller. Miss Congeniality 2 There is what could be called a new poster out. In reality it's the teaser poster after undergoing some Photoshop surgery to make Sandra Bulluck look at the camera. This is awful. MirrorMask Sony has launched the official site … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-up 2/11/05

Quick Takes: 1/25/05

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith The opening crawl has been released. Reports surfaced a while ago that the upcoming third season of the Clone Wars animated series would show us what is contained in the text, so if you don't want that spoiled don't click. The page also contains the crawl … Continue reading Quick Takes: 1/25/05