View from the Rental Counter: 1/18/05

Didn’t do one of these last week. My bad. Mainstream Catwoman MPAA: PG-13 (action/violence and sensuality) Budget: $85M Gross: $40M Market: Surf on over to FilmThreat for my full column on this one. This is the type of movie that will likely find a bigger audience on DVD than it did in theaters as its…… Continue reading View from the Rental Counter: 1/18/05

Selling Catwoman

You can read my full recap of the marketing for Catwoman at FilmThreat. So while they try to iron out the seemingly infinite number of problems getting a new Superman movie off the ground (Haaa!) and before the upcoming resurrection of the Batman franchise, they give us “Catwoman”. The character was introduced in 1992’s “Batman…… Continue reading Selling Catwoman