editors, blogging and platform/publishing confusion

Rough couple days for the media, mostly because the rules have been thrown out. Over the last few weeks a bruhaha has been bubbling around Substack, the hot new email publishing tool that allows writers to charge subscription fees to readers. The substance of that is nicely summarized by Annalee Newitz: Substack is not merely … Continue reading editors, blogging and platform/publishing confusion

Quick Takes: 9/9/05

I'm not surprised at all that most companies don't have policies for employee blogging.  I think they not only need to develop some on blogs that touch on them or their policies but also other non-related blogs their employees are writing for.With the rise of RSS landing pages are going to become more and more … Continue reading Quick Takes: 9/9/05

The value of measuring blogs

First off, I agree with KD Paine's assertion that to some companies blog-monitoring/measurement is completely unnecessary.  The problem I have is with how revolutionary some people think her statement is.  It's as if she's attacking some sacred principle or shouting that the emporer does not in fact have clothes.The decision to monitor a media or … Continue reading The value of measuring blogs

The editorial process

Tremendous piece here at Blogspotting on the differences in preparing a blog post versus a story for the print edition of BusinessWeek. Everyone - I mean everyone - who has ever written a blog sanctioned by a media outlet or tried to get a story into one should read this.