Ignoring the surveys

Let's not make too much of the latest study by Forrester Research stating only 6% of Americans have read blogs and only 2% use RSS. Give it two weeks and someone else will come out saying 25% of Americans have created their own podcast or that 70% of the state of Rhode Island subscribes to … Continue reading Ignoring the surveys

Blacklisting PR pros

There's an ongoing meme about creating a blacklist of irresponsible PR folks, the gist of which is nicely summarized here by Shel Holtz. Basically some bloggers are beginning to complain that PR practitioners are sending out these horrendous blast emails that contain gushing prose, overembelashed copy and most importantly a lack of understanding as to … Continue reading Blacklisting PR pros

The editorial process

Tremendous piece here at Blogspotting on the differences in preparing a blog post versus a story for the print edition of BusinessWeek. Everyone - I mean everyone - who has ever written a blog sanctioned by a media outlet or tried to get a story into one should read this.